Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Hearts...

I've really run with the heart theme!  The first one that I made during this work session was the heart with the eye on it.  After I paint it, I'll go back and add a couple of drops of resin to the iris to give it some depth.

The next two that I made were with my new skull design.  I just pressed them out in the hearts and played with some texture.

The last heart of the evening was a quick "doodle" in clay.  It's an owl!  Of course, because there's no coloring now and the shape of the heart doesn't naturally match the shape of head, it kind of doesn't read like an owl, but after I give it some paint, it'll be more owl-like.

I have a bunch of others that I'm working on.  I think they're a fun homage to Valentine's Day and hopefully I can turn a couple of them into some finished jewelry before then.

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ChristinaMarieH said...

I would love to own a finished "owl" heart-the model looks so sweet!