Thursday, January 09, 2014

From the Vault: The Lovely Bones...

I was going through my stash and realized that there were pieces that I made years ago that for whatever reason, I never posted.  Some of the things I made were experimental or ideas that I wanted to keep under my hat or pieces that were made for publication that were never published.  In any event, I thought that I would blog about these pieces "from the vault" from time to time.

I called this necklace, "The Lovely Bones".  It is composed of bronze links that I made out of BronzClay that kind of look like bones.  They are connected with lots of jump rings.  Because of the way the pieces are connected, it has a kind of jankety skeleton feel.  At the bottom of the piece is a stunning focal: a Navette Swarovski crystal Pendant in magma.  (Which just so happens to be one of my favorite shapes!  It has a very regal, almond-shape that just drips with opulence!)

I will probably take this apart and cannibalize the links.  This piece is quite substantial and while I enjoy the heft of it, I think I could better utilize the parts as bracelet links or perhaps long, dangly earrings.


Jeanne @ Gems By Jeanne Marie said...

I love the links Andrew!
I definitely see dangly earrings! I've learned that sometimes, when a piece sits around for a long time, the best thing for it is reinvention.
btw - love your use of the word cannibalize for the bones!

Aranthe said...

Wonderful! The bronze was an excellent choice for creating those "bones"—so rich looking!

I do love bronze and wish I had a kiln in which to fire bronze clay. I've taken a class and would love to get into it, but the kilns are so expensive. {Sigh}

Anonymous said...

Those bone links are amazing. It's fun to see these things from the vault.

gdanger said...

ohh Andrew the links are sooo amazing. I also see dangly earrings. Love love love