Wednesday, January 01, 2014


We had a quiet night at home to ring in the New Year.  It was very different from years past.  In prior years, we threw parties or went out, but this year we stayed in and kept to ourselves.  I made pork and sauerkraut, pulled pork with homemade barbecue sauce, and black-eyed peas. I lit a tea light and put in my Glassybaby Friendship candleholder. Friends of our's got it for us a few years ago and whenever I use it, I think of them and our friendship.  The rich glow is a nice reminder that even though I don't get to see everyone that I love and appreciate all the time, I hold them in my heart and it gives me warmth when the world can be cold.  I am a better person for the people that I know and call friend.

I noticed several comments last night about how some people were glad that 2013 was over.  While it certainly had its challenges, I think the good far outweighed the bad.  I was fortunate enough to continue to do what I love and in the process, meet some wonderful new people.  Not only did I make new friends, but I strengthened old ties and was fortunate enough to reconnect to important people from my past.

I have a good feeling about 2014.  I don't know what it'll bring, but I am sure that it'll bring about something big.  Even though I can't pinpoint what will happen, I can feel in my bones that whatever is to come is monumental.  And if 2013 was any indication of what it might be… it's gonna be good!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are right about 2014--so full of potential. Happy New Year!