Sunday, June 28, 2009

Farewell, Orlando...

It has been really great being back in Orlando. I had a wonderful time at the show. It is always nice to see familiar faces and meet new people. A lot of folks I know who do the shows say that they get burnt out on them and that it's hard tiring work. I can see what they mean about it being hard and tiring, but the shows are such a fantastic opportunity to create community, get inspired and to connect with others. Not to mention the other vendors who do the shows become a traveling family.

While I was here in Orlando at the Maitland Civic Center for the show, my friend Stephanie Sweet stopped in to visit and do a little shopping. It was definitely good to see her and catch up. Stephanie is a talented jewelry designer who thinks outside of the box and creates really funky and fun creations. She's also an illustrator and artist and is working on a darling book about a monster. Check out her website!

It was also really nice to see a familiar face, Cathy Dailey. I always look forward to seeing her when we're in town. Cathy makes really beautiful work and has a very handy online shop that carries almost the entire line of Green Girl Studios pieces. I had an awesome time catching up with her and chatting.

Seeing old friends and using beading as an excuse is a perk of doing the shows.

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