Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Congo River Golf...

Last night, Greg, Cynthia, Azalea and I went over to the newly opened, Congo River Adventure Golf course for 18 holes of fun! We also got a chance to see their well-stocked alligator pit and marvel at their predatory design.

Above is a picture of Greg, Azalea and Cynthia (and Baby Brother in Cynthia's tummy) at the top of the put put course. I'm not really sporty and have discovered that put put is a "sport" that can be added to the list of sports that I'm not good at. I did have a streak of beginner's luck though, but nothing compared to Azalea's hole-in-one. She's a natural! Despite my failings, I still had a lot of fun. I guess I'm okay with not winning or taking myself too seriously and enjoying the game instead of being swept up by competitiveness.

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