Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The First Leaf Falls...

Although it is not quite September yet, already the autumn breeze blows in. This morning, before work, I sat by the window and watched an amazing flock of birds flying in spiraling cloud formations. They made their swoops and dives during a minor reprieve from the gusts of wind and heavy rain. I imagine that after the storms pass, they will soon begin their migration south.

Already, the leaves are changing. It is a subtle thing. The greens aren't quite as green as they once were - they are seemingly more dull and less vibrant. Already, autumn rolls in.

I am looking forward to it. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and I truly enjoy it here in New York. I associate so many positive experiences with this season. It's simple things that really enchant me.

- The first taste of freshly pressed apple cider in the Green Market in Union Square.

- Sitting in Central Park as the leaves swirl down from the canopy and fall gracefully to the color-laden ground.

- The fact that my birthday is in Autumn and each year I feel a little bit older and a little wiser.

- Seeing the electric blue of the sky against the city skyline of Manhattan from a rooftop in Brooklyn.

- Feeling the cool breezes brush against the warmth of your skin in Battery Park.

- Walking down Fifth Avenue and window-shopping all the new Fall Fashions.

- Hot chocolate season begins!

- School starts during this season and with its arrival comes the potential to learn new things and meet new people.


Monkey Feet said...

How very exciting then because I love, love LOVE fall and I'm going to visit NYC for the first time ever in late September. I'm very excited. Bringing my Aussie friend. Have any suggestions for sights?

Andrew Thornton said...

I have a million suggestions! But it depends on what you and your friend like best. I like to avoid the tourist traps. But some times people go just to see those!

Cynthia Thornton said...

MAybe we will visit you since you're making NY sound so delightful. Its hot and rainy in Asheville.

Katrine K said...

Oh, I would also like to visit NY!
Unfortunately I live far far away, in Norway. In fact I was starting to get a bit depressed because fall means it will soon be a very cold, long winter...But I`ll try to remember all the beautiful things about the fall, thanks for reminding me of that..!

Andrew Thornton said...

OH! I must add to my list of wonderful fall things!

- Curling up with a nice heavy blanket or stack of quilts!

- Picking out a magic pumpkin.

- The Halloween Parade on 6th Avenue starting in the Village.

- The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

there is nothing quite like the east coast leaves falling; they have the reds and purples that are lacking here on the west coast.

- a brand new stack of firewood waiting to be placed in the fireplace

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to experience for myself...one more week.

thanks for making me a link too, sweety

Andrew Thornton said...

Unfortunately we don't have a fireplace in the new apartment! If I were to buy a house, a fireplace would be essential! I have a strange liking of chopping firewood and I am especially fond of the smell of cherry laurel and apple wood burning in the hearth. Talk about a cozy evening!

Monkey Feet said...

All this fall goodness! Um, I'm interested in culture, art and music...my friend loves those as well as politics and law. She's a lawyer. I know I want to go to the art museum, central park, statue of liberty, and there's a theatre in Harlem where all the jazz belles have sung (i.e. Billie, Etta...etc) Other then that, I'm pretty open! Any ideas for off the beaten track? I think we'll be there for about four days.