Sunday, August 13, 2006

Furniture Shopping NYC Style...

I had brunch with Ope earlier today. As we were walking back to her apartment, we came across a couple moving furniture out onto the curb. The young woman asked her partner, as he was descending the stairs, how long he thought it would take for someone to pick up the table.

I said hello and asked them if they would like me to take the table off their hands, which they happily said yes. I thanked them and Ope and I walked away - table in tow.

As we were walking away, I overheard him saying, "So, I think that was like 15 seconds."

So now I have a cute little Ikea table to add to our apartment which is woefully devoid of furniture.


Jana Bouc said...

Great story. I lived in NYC many years ago and furnished almost my whole apartment that way!

Anonymous said...

you are just too darn cute