Tuesday, August 08, 2006


It was about two years ago that I stopped working at 'Wichcraft. I started there because the place I had been working before was cheating me out of money and was abusing me as an employee (also silently killing me, but that's another story). So, I worked at 'Wichcraft and did my art on the side. They were good to me there and I enjoyed the people that I came in contact with.

Eventually I was making a pretty good living on my paintings alone and working at 'Wichcraft became a chore. I didn't need to work there... but I stayed anyway. I stayed until I finally reached a point where I had to decide what was most important to me: working as a barista or being an artist.

It's funny because I would hire artist assistants to help me out with my work, while I was serving sandwichs and coffee. I liked working for them that much!

So, I ended up leaving 'Wichcraft and working on my art for awhile. I missed the people I worked with and the friends I had made in customers, but I was content that I was building my career. I eventually moved to North Carolina and spent a year there.

When Sheila and I decided to come back, I knew that I would need to get a job to get back up on my feet. I emailed a friend from 'Wichcraft and he arranged it so that I could come back.

Today was my first day of work. I work at the Bryant Park 'Wichcraft in the coffee hut. It was very hot today and very busy. They were having a Pokeman festival in the park, so it was crowded with children and dutiful parents chasing after their little ones. I thought that I was going to be there for only a little bit as a brief introduction, but was instead thrown into trenches. A lot of my counter skills came back to me, but this was new territory and still foreign.

I ended up getting out of work pretty late and am very tired now. It's been a long first day. The upside is that if I continue to work here, I can cater Fashion Week and see the season finale of Project Runway live. Of course I'll be sporting the very fashionable orange shirt and white apron with my branded baseball cap, but it'll still be fun. I'll try to get the models to eat a bunch of cookies.

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I want to hear more of the cookie story......