Friday, September 01, 2006

Coney Island...

Sheila and I both had today off. It was a rare treat. Both of us work quite a lot. She had to go to the DMV to get a new license and we decided to make it a field trip day and go to the one in Coney Island. I would have taken pictures of the lines and the various people we saw there, but photos inside the DMV are prohibited and I didn't want my camera to get taken away.

When we finished up at the DMV, we explored the boardwalk and pier. Lots of interesting characters there. We treated ourselves to a Coney Island lunch of salsa cheese hot dogs and chili cheese fries. All of these foods have particular arts to eating them without making a huge mess. I'm not so much a hot dog fan, but since Sheila had one, I went along and it wasn't so bad.

The weather was perfect in my book. It was slightly chilly and very windy with a sea breeze off the water. It was nice because there weren't massive crowds and it gave the whole area a slightly forlorn and creepy feeling which was really interesting.

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Mike said...

I think you captured that creepy feeling in that last photo pretty well.