Monday, August 06, 2007

The (Changing) Face of My Neighborhood...

I wanted to do a photo-essay on the changing face of my neighborhood and document the rapid gentrification process that has taken hold here. All of the buildings are of new construction (within the past year) and in many cases, have not been finished yet. I wanted to portray the rise of the luxury condo in my neighborhood. All of the buildings are also from the direct surrounding area, some as close as one door down from my apartment (as in the first photo).

Each time I thought I was done, I would spot another one. Eventually I had to concede that there were just too many new developments within the neighborhood to capture them all. In a year, I doubt I'll be able to afford to live here anymore. These new buildings, which continue to spread, are driving up the rental prices. When looking at the photographs, also pay keen attention to the fact that many of the buildings along side these super condos are condemned or have already been demolished, making way for even more of these new buildings.


Unknown said...

I hate modern archetecture but thats me...its faceless and without a soul. Years ago I lived in Staten Island and there were still lovely homes but my cousin who lives there says the no building codes have ruined it. There will be a lovely Victorian home then a condo and thats all over there now. She says the city has been stopping it but the damages all done now. Such a shame. Further out in Staten Island tho like Princess bay are still pretty have you considerd SI? Heck get out while you can and go to Ashville! (sorry I dont like citys)

Andrew Thornton said...

I don't mind "modern" architecture. What I don't like is when it rips apart a community and becomes the brand for the future... searing its mark into the subconscious of all who look upon them. "YOU WILL BE FORGOTTEN!" is what they scream.

Then again, it's a double-edged sword. I lived in one of these luxury condos when they were begging people to move out to Brooklyn. I was apart of pioneers who made this neighbor safer and brought in the new wave of settlers. So, I can't complain too much, as I'm enjoying eating the gourmet cookies and imported beer that I can now buy at my corner bodega.

I love City life as much as I love country living. Though right now I think I need to feed off the energy of the City. At least for a little while longer.

And I used to live in Asheville last year. Things are changing there as well, as they are changing everywhere.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

People in my family have lived in Brooklyn off and on thrughut the years. I looked at a place when I was in my twenties that was like an enchanted garden, but it was tiny. The surrounding area was very dangerous at the time. my grandfather on my mother's side was born on Joralemon St. in Brooklyn Heights. One of my sons lived in Brooklyn for a year.

Our baseball team in the family was always the Brooklyn Dodgers, for years. Of course.

ps: I am emailing you today.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

pps: cool photographic chronicle!