Sunday, August 26, 2007


I am leaving late tonight to go to Asheville and still yet have many errands to run. After I got out of work, it was a mad dash around Manhattan to finish up some last minute things. First, I dropped by Canal Street in Chinatown to pick up some presents for the family. Then I made my way up to SoHo.

Cynthia and I are both addicted to Rice to Riches. They make the most heavenly flavors of rice pudding. I was once skeptical, until I put the velvety yumminess in my mouth. So, I stopped in their location in SoHo for when I go down. While I was there, I discovered that a Pinkberry opened up. Although the summer-time line was ridiculously long, I braved it for excellent frozen yogurt! It was great!

While I was in SoHo, I dropped by the Young Designers' Market on Mulberry Street. Lots of interesting artisan goods there. I was surprised that it wasn't very crowded. It used to be packed every time I used to go.

A certain young girl's birthday is coming up! So, I had to go up to Mid-town to go to the Toys 'R Us and the FAO Schwarz. I think she will be happy with her small dragon's horde of gifts.

I can't wait to get down there. Now, if only I could find my keys. I'm having a bit of a panic attack, because I can't find them. I am absolutely positive that they are in the apartment. I didn't leave after I got home, but I just can't find them and I've looked everywhere. Flipped mattresses, went through grabage, through laundry and pockets! Perhaps it's because I am tired and still have to pack that I'm freaking out. I could have sworn that I put them next to the toaster oven with my iPod when I came in, but I can't find them! I also can't run out and do some last minute things like buy wrapping paper or drop off my monthly Metrocard to Liz. I told her that since I already started it, I would let her borrow mine while I was out of town. Now I feel like a jerk, because I can't leave without being locked out. Alas... I hope I find them before I leave for Asheville in a few hours.

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