Monday, August 27, 2007


Above: Baby One playing her guitar and singing me a song about the boy who went outside in the dark and got killed by the vampires and the sasquatch.
I still haven't found my keys yet. Eventually I just had to leave to go to the airport. I was going to take the M60 out to La Guardia, but had to take a car service instead since I waited till the last minute to leave still looking for my keys.
I flew into Tri-City, which is about an hour and a half north of Asheville. We drove through the mountains with the windows down and the cool breeze swirling about. It was so nice to absorb some of the greenery and notice that the leaves on the trees are dark green and starting to brown a bit and turn ever so slightly golden. All of the pressures back in New York seemed to melt away in the sunshine.
When we finally got to the house, I hugged that Baby so hard! She told me about how much she loved me and missed me. I've missed her too! We saw Sheila off for work, then made some tea and talked for a spell. Tony Blackwell of Zoa Art swung by and we set off to go to some music instrument stores. Afterwards we went to the Paris Bakery for lunch and picked up some chocolates at the Chocolate Fetish. We picked out a few pistachio and basil flavoured truffles and some chai flavoured ones as well. Then Cynthia and I started the daunting task of organizing her bead collections. It's a lot of fun though and Baby One helps. After dinner, we looked at the Penzeys Spice catalogue.
It's been a long day for me. No sleep. But it has been a good day. We've been having so much fun that I've forgotten to take as many pictures as I would like. Maybe tomorrow when we go to the zoo. It's bed-time for now!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew, I think someone may have hacked into your myspace--unless you mean to keep posting bulletins about free Macy's gift cards, which doesn't seem like may need to log on and change your password.

In any case, have a fun trip in Asheville, and say hi to everyone for me. We miss you guys!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks for letting me know, Eva! I started getting emails from various people letting me know also. That whole hacking into my MySpace account isn't so good and makes me a little mad. But alas.

Thanks for the well-wishes. I will let everyone know. We miss you guys as well. Seems like every other night we're talking about stories you all are in.