Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Things Are Good...

As I walked home from the train today, I saw the most beautiful formation of birds. Normally they spiral about and seemingly swim upon the wind. Which is beautiful to see as well. But, today, it was the way that they all flew in a straight line that struck me.

It seemed to be a direct message: Keep doing what you're doing. Go forward.

I felt all filled up. I have a wonderful family who is constantly inspiring me and challenging me creatively. Our connection runs deep. We are bound with more than just blood, but a sense of communal memory. That alone would be enough, but still yet I am even more lucky. I have friends whom I deeply cherish. Some that I have known for years, others who are still new to my heart. Some of them are close and others are far flung, but regardless... our times together glow fondly in my mind. This too is would be reason enough to feel complete, yet I have even more reason to feel very auspicious. I am doing what I want. It isn't always easy, but I am living my life and doing what I need to do. Each day I wake up with SO many possibilities.

Someone told me earlier today that I had, "such an interesting life." But I wouldn't say that my life is exceptionally unordinary. I just live my life and tell my story as it unfolds. Perhaps one would say that it is my voice and how I tell that story that makes things special.

So... right now... I feel flush with positive energy. I know it's sappy and sentimental to say as such, but it's true. Within me there is a quiet voice that says, "Things are good." I have learnt the important lesson of listening to the voices that matter... and right now... this is the one that matters. And it is right... things ARE good.


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...


Anonymous said...

I miss you

Andrew Thornton said...

I miss you, Heather Wynn. Expect something in the mail soon. Oh, is your snail mail address the same? If not, email it to me and I'll send your package there. :-)

Unknown said...

Well I have never met you...but I come peek at you and your sis blogs b/c you are artists and we all inspire and draw from one another in this life. I think your special Andrew and draw from a deep steeped well from inside of your self...always running ahead like a kid thru the tall grass to see whats over the hill! Thank you for your kindness to me a stranger who just happened to run across your blogs! May you always have favor with all things!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks Janet!

It's funny that you should say, "well." For I do believe that my inspiration comes from the Deeper Well. I go within myself to find this place. It's dark and deep and full of mysteries. The Deeper Well is a fount of inspiration. In its waters are the quiet reflections of thought and feeling. There is a comfort in the solitude and personal discoveries. Though like all things, there is a danger here. Perhaps it's drowning, choking on an abundance of these ideas? Needless to say, the Deeper Well must be kept in balance. That's what I try to do. To visit the Deeper Well within, but not be consumed by it.

I am lucky to have such a loving family and friends to help me balance this out. Life can be so demanding. Without these wonderful people in my life, I certainly think I would retreat completely. But these people who I feel most comfortable with and love tremendously are the ones who create a bridge between my obsessions and the world-at-large. Things are good.

Andrew Thornton said...

And, Janet, thank you for reading our blogs. I really believe that blogs are a form of communication. They are a great way of keeping in touch with people and forming wonderful relationships with people whom you normally wouldn't be able to.

Like, I have never met Jean Yates in person, but she is a dear friend. I value her and respect her greatly. I admire her jewelry designs and her quirky and wonderful way of seeing and expressing the world. And I am awe-struck by her grace. She has over-come so many obstacles and remains a pillar of strength for her family. She balances everything so nicely.

I am thankful that I have developed this friendship! Even though we've never met in person, I feel completely at ease with this talented lady. I look forward to the day when we can "hack around" in person!