Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Night of Magic...

Above: Proselytizing pamphlets that were handed out to unsuspecting Harry Potter fans waiting in line. (I wonder if they put the note about not littering, because they knew it would happen?)

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera. I would have captured some AMAZING pictures of people surrounding the entire block that the Barnes and Noble in Union Square is on. I kid you not. THOUSANDS of people were in line. Jim Dale (the voice-actor who reads the Harry Potter audio-books) was doing readings from his favorite Harry Potter books while the line swelled to enormous proportions. It was funny to be at the back of the store, because you could see the Barnes and Noble employees in their Harry Potter regalia chain-smoking and running over to the Old Town Bar for quick shots. HA!

The great thing about these lines is that everyone is SUPER nice and very in the spirit of the books. I chatted with several different people in line about the books and the line and what their weekend plans were.

Eventually though, I decided that waiting in line with wristbands that was thousands of people long was ridiculous. So, I got out of line and went to the other Barnes and Noble on 18th Street. They had just locked the doors as the store was filled to capacity.

This did not stop my quest though. I walked down the block to my favorite children's book store, Books of Wonder. Even though the book wasn't as cheap as say from or from Barnes and Noble with my Member's Discount, I did get a load of free stuff and I didn't have to wait in line for three hours. I got a free cupcake, exclusive Harry Potter bookmarks, a Half-Blood Prince tote bag, and a poster and an assortment of Harry Potter knick-knacks. Books of Wonder also had the bird santcuary come in and had a presentation on owls! I love owls. And it was nice to be up close and personal with a few. I really wish that I had gotten a picture of them. I also saw some of my regulars, many of them all dressed up in their wizarding finest. I will have to let them know that I saw them when they stop in for their coffee.

Mary Grandpre, the artist who illustrates the books will be at Books of Wonder today from 1PM to 3PM.

Oh, and on my way home, I passed the Barnes and Noble in Union Square... line still thousands of people long, after I had got my copy AND had a cupcake.


Anonymous said...


Anne & I much enjoyed the pamphlet!!!

We have questions: What flavor (and color) was the cupcake? Did you pet an owl or two? How did the owl(s) smell????

We're a bit late, but are now heading out to locate OUR copy of the book! (Harry Potter, not the Bible.)


Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Lynn! It's good to hear from you!

The cupcake was a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing. It was decorated with a flying key from the first book.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to pet the owls. I think they were a little scared with so many people there. I did get to stand very close and observe them. Especially their eyes. Every time a camera would flash, their pupils would contract.

I didn't notice any unusual smells coming from the owls. I did notice that they had covered the back of the table that the boxes were on with trash bags, I imagine to catch any droppings. But the owls reminded me of pine needles and rich dark earth. I don't know if that was my imagination, or if it was actually so... but, it was so pleasant to be close to them.

Have fun gettig you copy. I'm sure it'll be easy since 12 million copies were printed in the U.S.

Unknown said...

Hi Andrew! Its always such a warm read about your doings and goings! Yours is a cosy place to come to. I loved the pamplet! Quite imaginative and drawn as well...awww just to wet the intrest for Heavenly things! How are you enjoying the new book? Try reading "The faerie path" by Freewin Jones what a great book! Hes a well known author try him out. Okies away to finish working on a faerie door to put up on the wall. I will you know have some pics up b/f long! Have a lovely evening friend!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks Janet for your kind words! I'm enjoying the book quite a lot. I just finished up The Dark is Rising. Although I wanted to read the other books before I started the last Harry Potter book, I kept finding myself "only reading one page" from the new Harry Potter book. So now, I'm embracing it and am caught up in it. All I have to say so far is... WOW!