Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Art Bead Scene: The Mermaid's Grotto 11...

This is my first bracelet submission for Art Bead Scene's July challenge, The Mermaid's Grotto. I've got all sorts of goodies on this one. First and foremost, I have a fine pewter starfish clasp from my family at Green Girl Studios. It's really beautiful and is very reasonably priced. This is especially nice since the price of silver continues to escalate and becomes ever daunting. It was featured in Jamie Hogsett's new book published by Interweave Press called, Create Jewelry: Pearls. In this design, I also used wooden laser-cut beads from Lillypilly Designs, vintage Dutch trading glass from Chevron Trading Post, a lucite composite abalone shell from Pudgy Beads, stones (a snake-skin agate and kyanite) from Talisman Associates Inc., silver cornerless cubes and daisy spacers from Saki Silver, and a fine pewter swimming mermaid bead from my family at Green Girl Studios.

I love pieces that are seemingly collections of treasures. I like when each component seems to have a personal history and that together with the other elements they create a richly woven story. It really elevates the piece, I think. It gives it an automatic cherished look.

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