Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sleeping to Fireworks...

Most of the day was spent sleeping in bed. I'm still really sick and need to rest. I wish that there were more interesting things to update on. But things have pretty low-key since I haven't been able to be out and about.

I have been having several more fever dreams. One of them was of my friend Josh and I in a glass elevator. We had a box of kittens (three little black and white ones) and I was explaining to him the bead show circuit and how to set up a table and so forth and so on. Then we got out on the show floor and I introduced him to Jane from Jane's Fibers and Beads and we set up the table. Perhaps I'm going to the Louisville show this year.

I had another dream about one of my managers, Jenny, and how it was the end of the world. Things kept exploding and buildings kept getting sucked up in the air. Perhaps it's because there were fireworks going off earlier while I was sleeping.

When I lay down with a fever, it usually is broken up by me serving people. That probably doesn't make any sense. But I guess I have very intense realistic dreams of me making coffee beverages and taking orders. It almost feels as though I'm actually working. Which is a pain because instead of waking up feeling all refreshed, I just feel like I worked an eight hour shift. This sometimes happens when I work the long bead shows, that are more than two days.

Hopefully next year I'll be better and that I'll be able to enjoy the fireworks properly. I love fireworks... though just not when I'm sleeping.

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