Sunday, July 29, 2007


One of my closest friends from New York is leaving. Aurea and her boyfriend Mark and his daughter are moving out to L.A. I've known Aurea for years and years now and I will miss her so much. I think we've both finally reached a place in our lives where we know what we want and can appreciate what we have.

Luckily we got to hang out before she left. First we went to Moto for dinner. Can you believe that the wait was 2 hours? It is good! Then I dragged them (Aurea, Mark, Dave, Wade, and some of their friends) to Bembe (which was PACKED!) and then to East River Bar. Aurea was saying how all she wanted was a pool table and Buck Hunt. As we walked into East River Bar, we saw that the universe had conspired to help her and delivered both of her wishes. I still think she should have wished for winning the lotto or something, but hey... who can turn down a good game of Buck Hunt?

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