Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am now curating the next wave of Thursday Giveaways. Each week I host a giveaway of art beads, jewelry-making paraphernalia or related items. The next available date is August 5th and the Thursdays after. If you'd like to be a sponsor and donate a prize to be given away, please email me and we'll schedule a booking for you. The Thursday Giveaways have been very popular and have generated significant traffic for past participants. This has proven to be very effective way to promote sales, product launches and reviews. If you're curious about more information, please email me.

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Emerald Window said...

I was so happy to sponsor one of Andrew's Give-Aways (last Thursday). I donated a brooch and it generated a lot of new readers for my blog, a sale off my Etsy site and some much needed self confidence when I read all of the wonderful comments about the brooch on his site. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this generous offer.