Thursday, February 05, 2009

To Friends and Creativity...

We had a small get together here at the house. Rupa Balachandar, Laura Belkin of Talisman Associates, Joyce Rooks and her husband Jerry, and later Katie Wall and Lindsay Burke of Fusion Beads came out to join us, part of the Green Girl Studios crew. To me, preparing food with love and good intentions and then sharing this with friends, both old and new, is a powerful thing. The ritual of feasting, of celebrating, of cooking, goes back to the dawn of humankind. I like the idea that we were able to do this - to celebrate at a time when we are gathered for beads, the earliest marker of civilization. It was a good time; toasting to creativity and to friends, the makers of ideas and objects.
Together we can make magic and be the change that we wish to see in the world.

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RupaB said...

The dinner was simply *awesome*...and I absolutely need the recipe for the stuffed peppers, please.

Thank you for inviting me, I had a great time; the evening was wonderful and the company even more delightful....I could have stayed and talked all night!

You are an excellent cook and Kate M was a gracious host - a great pair!

I wish you lived closer to the Bay Area, its a great place, plus NO snow :)