Friday, February 27, 2009

Farewell, Domino Magazine...

When Domino Magazine first debuted four years ago, both Cynthia and I were very excited.  The Lucky Mag for home decor?  SCORE!  However, as the magazine progressed, I think something was lost in translation.  The advertising became overwhelming, almost dominating the content, and the features often left something to be desired.  To be blunt, some of the issues just missed the mark completely.

The latest March issue is actually really good and has approachable design and a few ideas that I might co-opt for my own apartment.  Too bad it's the last issue.  Sadly, like many other magazines struggling to survive in a dicey economy, it will fold.  (Oddly enough, it'll be for lack of advertising dollars.)  At least they will leave on a high note.


Anonymous said...

I am totally bummed about this! I used to read Domino when it first came out, when I was really into interior design. It's been a few years since I've really looked at it though because I fell out of the decorating thing. I just picked up this current issue and actually filled out a subscription card because I wanted to get into home decor again! First Jane, now this! Do you recommend any other good decorating or DIY magazines? I like to read Real Simple, but it just has a small section for the home. Most of the other decorating magazines I see seem to only have design ideas that are really not attainable (or desirable even) for young people : (

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Scarlett!

Blueprint also folded. And Simply Beads. And Jane. And I'm sure that I'm missing a few. Alas.

I like Real Simple as well, but sometimes they live up exactly to their name and I find it hard to buy a magazine that's that simple.

One of my favorites is Craft and a new one is Stuffed. Both remind me of a treasure chest of Pack-o-Fun that we found as kids. I also like Ready Made.

I see what you mean about interior design magazines and how they're not really geared towards young people. I'm finally reaching a point where I'm amassing things... in particular big furniture and area rugs and things like that. I'm growing out of the wine crate and cinder block bohemian style. (Though I did build a pretty cool bookshelf out of wine crates and cleverly disguised it with the powers of my DIY craftiness.)

RupaB said...

Domino was a glossy I looked forward to flipping through, Interior spaces are one of my other loves.

The last few issues of Simply Beads appealed to me sad to see both of them go!