Monday, February 02, 2009

After the Show...

Marlene Blessing of Beadwork magazine is also staying at the house. I remember her telling me about her early travels in the Philippines and I thought it might be nice to cook dinner and have a nice night in with some of my mom's recipes.

We had adobo chicken over rice with slightly caramelized green beans. Greg has been practicing the adobo recently. The green beans were a variation on a recipe my mom used to make a long time ago and a nice side dish. For dessert, I made a bibinka. Bibinka is like a custardy coconut cake. I used my mom's recipe (which was slightly dangerous). She has been known to give the wrong directions so that things won't turn out so that she can be touted as the only one who can make that particular dish the way she does. It's a little bit of motherly subterfuge, but I don't mind too much. (Luckily I caught that the recipe I got was a little too watery and made adjustments!)

I also prepped a dessert for later on in the week. I pitted some cherries and began the process of soaking them in Southern Comfort. The sticky sweet and very power-packed cherries are best served over vanilla ice cream.

Above is a picture of Greg, Marlene, and William playing Scrabble. Playing with backward and diagonal rule changes made the game extra tricky, but by the end of it was pretty close. It was great because we all got to enjoy some good food and good stories.
It was the perfect celebration of friendship.

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Patty said...

Andrew, it was special to meet you the other day, and to see in person all the wonderful beads at the Green Girl Studios booth. Hope everyone did well. I can't wait to paw through my treasures and start creating.

You need to publish a cook book! Those cherries sound wicked and the beans are intriguing.