Friday, February 06, 2009

After Hours...

At the suggestion of the Beadalon crew, we decided to meet up at the Pearl after the Swarovski party (instead of going to the authorized after party at the Marriot) with the Fusion Girls and Margot Potter. None of us had heard of the Pearl before, but against our better judgement, we agreed. At some point in my life, I might have enjoyed this, but it wasn't my cup of tea this particular night. It was a strange feeling of being a little bit dowdy and not being interested in dropping it like it was hot and melting into a crowd of booty dancing music. We never did meet up with the Beadalon folks. But regardless, we still tried to make the best of it and have a good time.

Above: Katie Wall of Fusion Beads, Margot Potter, William, Greg, and Lindsay Burke of Fusion Beads.

We eventually gave up on trying to hear each other's conversations over the loud music and retreated to a restaurant to continue our words. We landed in Sullivan's. Unfortunately the kitchen was closed already and we could only enjoy our drinks and each other.

After a while, Margot Potter and the Green Girl Studios crew headed out to a 24 hour diner and had some tasty, albeit greasy, treats. I've really enjoyed spending time with Margot and the Fusion Girls and all of my friends here in Tucson.

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