Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Another Day at the Show...

It has been a lot of fun so far! One of my favorite things is seeing all the repeat customers from former years and meeting new ones and seeing old friends. I love to test my memory and see exactly how much I can remember about a particular person. Today I was at the To Bead True Blue show again.

The above photo depicts a strong dose of blonde ambition: three editors from Interweave Press, Melinda Barta of Beadwork magazine, Michelle Mach of Beading Daily, and Danielle Fox of Stringing magazine. They are some of my favorite magazine folks! (And look how stylish they are!)

Look who else stopped by the booth! Tony and Irina Miech of Eclectica Beads! Make sure to check out at least one of the several books out by Irina from Kalmbach Publishing. We had a lot of fun sharing stories and talking about blogs. I hope to see Irina in the blogsphere!

Above is a picture of me, Andrew Thornton, and Vi De Cou of Forever Tuesday. I picked up a lovely felted fedora from this very talented lady who is just as sweet as pie! Make sure to check out more of her hats.

Kristal Wick of Sassy Silkies and her new book, Fabulous Fabric Beads, poses with me and my new felted fedora. Kristal is such a darling!

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laurelmoon said...

It was awesome to see you again! Too bad we didn't have more time to talk. I love all of my charms and components--they're beautiful! Thank you!