Friday, February 20, 2009

A Happy Heart...

Western North Carolina isn't just home to beautiful mountains. It's also the home of the talented and supremely creative Nina Bagley. We've been meaning to meet up for the longest time. Today we finally seized the opportunity! It was SO MUCH FUN!

Cynthia and I prepared a feast. I told Nina that we would make a feast in her honor. We started cooking last night. The above picture of caramelized bacon (yep!) was just one of the dishes. To start we had several cheese plates, fresh fruit, and onion and goat cheese puff pastries. Then we moved on to slow cooked beef and cheesy soft polenta. For dessert, we had a pana cotta layered with a homemade strawberry gelatin dessert.

Nina brought each of us a gift. She brought Cynthia and I heart-shaped stones and Azalea a faerie fountain and dish set made of acorns and mica. I felt very honored with my gift and was struck profoundly. Little things make me happy. A feast among friends, a laugh from the belly, the giggle of a child, the smell of fresh laundry and the feel of a warm blanket on a cool evening. At the risk of sounding like a song performed by Julie Andrews, these are a few of my favorite things. This particular token of friendship made me extremely happy. I am at my happiest when I'm making things and even more happy when I'm with others who enjoy it as well, others who appreciate the craft of creating. The above picture is a tribute to friendship: I'm holding this new heart stone (that you should see when it's all made up), wearing a bracelet by Heather Wynn (that I haven't taken off since I got it), and wearing a ring that one of my best friends gave me about fifteen or more years ago.

Above is a sweet picture of the three of us, Nina Bagley standing with Cynthia Thornton (my sister) and me.


nina said...

i miss you guys already!!!! andrew, come back soooooooooon. better yet, move down here! the mountains need your beautiful spirit amongst them.
it was a wonderful afternoon, i wish i could have stayed into the night and played, played, played. next time i'll arrange a babysitter for aspen and we can stretch the day into the night.
thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel so welcome, honored, appreciated,understood, and loved. xoxo

Round Rabbit said...

What a wonderful day you had - one to be cherished!

Lynn said...

Bacon! :)

I ate bacon for about 10 meals in a row shortly before my last physical -- and boy, I've never seen cholesterol numbers like those!

I'm going to check it again once I return to my regularly scheduled eating habits.....


Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Nina!

We miss you too! It was so much fun having you over. I too wish that you could have stayed longer.

I will add your being here to the list of reasons why I need to move back to Asheville. But Brooklyn is in my heart and so is my apartment with a year-long lease!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Nancy!

It was a wonderful day indeed. Days that I can share with friends are always days to be cherished!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Lynn!

All things in moderation! A little bit of bacon loving is all right... just not for 10 meals in a row!

Let us know when you're back on your regular eating schedule and we'll swing by with a crock-pot feast.