Friday, February 06, 2009

New Softflex Trio...

I stopped by the Softflex booth to talk to Jamie Hogsett and see the wonderful new gadgets that she was demonstrating. Apparently Softflex has just released new colors and a more environmentally friendly-cored wire. The Trio comes in all sorts of pretty named sets of three. Ask Sara of Softflex, a.k.a. Sara Hardin, showed me to the wire and introduced me to the new product.


Jean said...

Dear Andrew: These posts are really great. I got a wonderful feel of what it is like to got to Tucson! Thanks for that!
great hat too!!!

xox jean

paula best said...

hey andrew. thanks so much for the great tucson posts/pics. it was very odd for me not to be there this year. i look forward to it so much. i really enjoyed checking your blog to see what was going on. i hope you guys had a great show. love the hat! :-)