Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Snotty Train Ride...

My allergies are in kicking in full-blast right about now. Which doesn't make for a very productive day. In fact, it makes for a very embarrassing day. I was heading back on the train from cleaning up my studio and waiting for my new bed to come, when all of a sudden I sneezed. It wasn't a cute little sneeze. It was a clearing out the sinuses sort of purge from my nasal passages sort of sneeze. Oh, it was so gross! I literally had yellowy snot dripping down my shirt, my face, and all over my inner elbow (as we were taught not to sneeze in our hands). Everyone sitting in the immediate area had a mixed look of horror and disgust on their faces. And, as it would happen I didn't have any tissues with me. Luckily after one of my fellow passengers saw me trying to mop up the mucus with a handful of receipts, she pulled out a few tissues from her purse. I was totally mortified and happy that the next stop was my stop.


Jean said...

you poor baby!

Andrew Thornton said...

I guess moments like this encourage us to carry a pack of tissues with us where ever we go. My mom does... I should totally too!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Henry got sick in the grocery store once...we were paroozing the cracker aisle while henry was munching on a banana (yes, he eats one while we ar at the store but I totally pay for it;) )
anyway..he had drank red koolaid prior to all of what Im about to describe.

he is mid banana and I have half a buggy of groceries...he starts to gag so I quickly scoop him out of the buggy to comfort him.
annd here comes the red banana chunks...
all over me and my white tank top,
the floor, the buggy, and henry, all awhile he cries at the top of his lungs.
I run from the store in horror covered in red chunky vomit and toting a crying 3 year old.
we left a behind a yucky mess in aisle 4 and I chose to shop at other grocery stores thereafter.

oh, and I sat on a chocolate iced brownie once in public.
toootally does not look good,,
no matter how you try to explain what happened.

I hope your allergies are better my love.