Friday, May 02, 2008


While at an excursion to Gimme! Coffee for my caffeine-fix I picked up a copy of a compilation disk called, P.S. 318 Warehouse Songs. It's produced by a really great organization called Local Correspondents. One of the songs on the album is "Homeward Bound" by Tanya Buziak. Sometimes you hear a song that in combination with the surrounding circumstances, strikes you full in the chest and makes you feel. It's a powerful phenomenon. For me, at this time, this was one of those songs.

I felt horribly homesick for my family. I'm pretty content here in the City. Things are seemingly going fairly well. Even if things weren't going as desired and I wasn't peachy, I'd definitely be too busy to take notice. But it has been such a long time since I've seen my family and I miss them dearly. I especially miss Azalea. I could feel all of my heartstrings being yanked up from deep inside me.

When this happens, I feel a sense of fierce hermitism. Along with that is a strong urge to nest and set down new roots, deep and anchoring.

One of the things that I do while feeling as though I should nest is Google searches. Searching for things and hunting for dream furniture and accessories always makes me feel a little better. I found this great "Tree Bed" by Shawn Lovell Metalworks. I'm sure that if I had an extra $15,000 laying around for a fancy bed, I'd feel better. I guess I felt literally like "nesting" with this bed.

To go along with my personal process of consoling myself, I enjoyed some Lemon Wafers from Heaven Scent Natural Bakery slathered with Lemon Curd from Wilkin & Sons' Tiptree.

After these small indulgences, I do feel a little better. I still miss my family, but it doesn't sting quite as much as it first did.


Lorelei said...

Awww, I hope you get to see them soon Andrew! Little Azalea probably misses you too!
I love this bed, it's really cool. If I had $15,000 I'd totally donate it to you for this bed.
And yum, lemon anything. My favorite.

Chin up, Love!


Jean said...

I get homesick too. my memories are what I have. I treasure them.that bed would help me too, with the lemon wafers and the lemon curd!

Anonymous said...

one day we both shall have that bed, or one equally as lovely.

I loves you little hakim.

Eva said...

Oh my god, I WANT THAT BED. That is a piece I would build an entire house decor theme around.

paula best said...

definately the most perfect bed ever. last time i checked i didn't have an extra 15 grand laying around either. (i hate it when that happens) :-)
maybe we could get a group together to buy it and pass it around the country so everyone gets a chance to sleep in the dreamy nesty bed.
no...that won't work. can't see myself sharing.
hope you get to see the family soon....that is hard....

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks for all the warm-hearted comments. I'll get to see my family shortly in Milwaukee at Bead & Button. I'm going to be crazy busy getting ready for it... so much so that I probably won't notice as much the homesickness.

And that bed just rocks! I could totally make that bed, but only on a miniature scale. Doesn't do me too much good, but maybe Azalea might have a doll that would benefit.