Sunday, May 04, 2008

Brooklyn Flea...

This was my first Sunday off in ages. I decided to go to the Brownstoner's Brooklyn Flea and see what treasures were to be found. The weather was perfect for the event - warm and sunny!

Above: Random crowd shot of the Brooklyn Flea.

Above: This is my yield for the flea market. I wore my jacket and scarf, not knowing how warm it would get, and ended up getting a grey tote bag with lemons on it from Minusbags to carry them. I might embellish it a little to make it more my style. I also picked up a cool print of a collaged piece by Carla Venticinque. I got a greeting card and a t-shirt for Azalea (both with owls on them) at Foxy & Winston. Whimsy & Spice was there. So, I got a batch of their caramel marshmallows and a package of lavender honey cookies. Yum!

It is perhaps a good thing that I don't live near my favorite Flea Market of all times: The Central Florida Fairgrounds Flea Market. It is home to all sorts of oddities and curiosities perfect for a mixed media artist. Ever since we were little, we'd go almost every single weekend to see what treasures were waiting for us. My dad would look for tools and whatever car parts were needed. My mom would look for dishes and ceramic figurines and miniature perfume bottles and of course the fresh fruit. Cynthia and Sheila would look for jewelry, divination tools like rune stones and tarot decks, and unique bottles to put in still-lifes. My brother would look for bike parts, books on languages (and James Bond), and paint-ball paraphernalia. At first I always had my eye out for toys or the occasional free kitten. Eventually my mom and I would collect VHS tapes of movies we hadn't seen. Then, when we started going less, I would look for spice jars and mirrors. I just realized that as soon as our family started to fragment off, our familial rituals, however mundane, became fewer and fewer.

Oh! And how could I forget these lovely cupcakes? I got them at the big booth next to Wafels & Dinges. I can't recall the name and I'm not sure if they were from Brown Bag Industries (which I just bought -all- their lemon poppy seed thumb-print cookies at their Etsy shop since I couldn't find them at the market) or Hot Bread Kitchen? Or maybe it was the Choice Market stand? Not sure, but they were good.

After walking around the flea market, I met up with Iviva Olenick for coffee. It was wonderful to catch up with her! Not to provoke nasty jealousy or anything, but I am now the proud owner of one of her delightful embroidered pieces.


jennifer said...

Of course it was a Sunday I wasn't there! Would have loved to see you. Hope you enjoyed least you found Whimsy and Spice!

Andrew Thornton said...

Figures that the weather would be nice when you're not there, right? I'm starting to get Sundays off, so perhaps another one. It'd be really great to see you as well.

I did find Whimsy and Spice and I will be gorging myself on their caramel marshmallows shortly.