Friday, May 30, 2008


It's been a mixed bag lately. On one hand, I am very excited to be going to Bead & Button in Milwaukee and spending time with my family at Green Girl Studios and seeing all my bead show buddies. That I am absolutely thrilled about and cannot wait for.

On the other hand, my allergies morphed into a rather nasty cold that I can't quite shake. Working long hours doesn't contribute well to my recovery. I could elaborate on the grossness of my recently malady, but would rather not disgust everyone with stories of mucus. I never knew that humans could make that much mucus a day.

I've been making lots of projects for the upcoming show, but as there are only a few days left until I've got to leave, I don't know how much I'll be able to finish. We'll see.

I just found out that the Journal of Mythic Arts is no more. They've posted their last entry. It's a shame because I've only just now found them and was so very enamored with their posts. Luckily they will remain an online presence - just as an archive though.

My move to Sunset Park is a good one. Though it is progressing much slower than I had planned. It's mainly due to the fact that I've been sick and I've been trying to spend every last second trying to get ready for the upcoming show. After the show, I'll really get cracking on getting things packed up and finished painted.

Oh and I've been desirous of a Kiki Smith shirt from the Gap. They've released a limited edition line of shirts commemorating artists of the Whitney Biennial. I know it's a woman's shirt, but with a blazer, it totally would be okay for me to wear. I've gone to almost all of the Gaps in lower Manhattan without results. I will try some of the other ones later. I would buy one online, but they sold out within the first 24 hours and I don't really feel like spending $80 for it on eBay. Kiki Smith also apparently came out with a wallpaper. I am desirous of it as well. Though I haven't been able to find a source that will quote a price. Perhaps I will go to the showroom that produces it, as there is one here in New York.


Lorelei said...

Hi Andrew
I hope you feel better soon! Have fun at Bead and Button!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks Lorelei! I hope I feel better soon too.

And it's most assured that I'll have a blast!

Janet said...

Andrew I too am wishing you wellness! One of these days Im going to go to a big bead show. I really would like to see Cynyhia and her hubs set up...and yalls work etc. Okies off to get some things done. Hows your weather? Its hot here. :(
Janet x

Anonymous said...

mucus is the devil.

I think I'll send my care package of little hakim goodies for you along with my mama to milwaukee.
I found another treasure for you in Vegas (Im currently typing from Sin city via a whole bead show)

I saw a ginormous owl stuffed animal at FAO last night, its a harry potter collection of oversized fuzzies. I'll send photo especially for you shortly =)

much love my dear,
and I hope that you recover soon.

hugs and....
lets save the kisses for when the mucus has subsided =)

norma said...

Hi Andrew. What a cool Kiki Smith shirt. I want one. I called "1 800 gapstyle" and they were able to give me the stores that had the Kiki Smith shirts available.

I just called the Gap store on 34th (I think) in NY city and they a have medium. Try 212 760 1268.

Feel better soon!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks Norma! How coincidental that you should mention the store on 34th Street. I was just there, and yes, I totally bought the last that they had. I feel pretty lucky.

I also found out the price for a roll of the Kiki Smith wallpaper. It's going for about $450 a roll. I definitely won't be putting that up anytime soon.

Andrew Thornton said...

So, the medium fits all right and the fabric is cool. BUT the cut is just a little too feminine for me to even pull off. I thought I could butch it up a little with a blazer, but it's still a scoop neck. Alas.

I could try altering it, but I don't know. It'd probably best go up on eBay.

jennifer said...

I have the Kiki Smith shirt! The print is so detailed, I love it. Bought it two weeks ago at the 34th st Gap. Don't sell it, turn it into a pillow!