Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...

Due to both our crazy work schedules, I hardly ever get to see my mom. Although we haven't always gotten along (I can be hard to handle sometimes), I still love her and respect her! Her stories and eccentric quirks helped shape the person I am today. To the left is a picture of her grabbing my head at Azalea's last birthday party, asking me why I wasn't married and had babies yet.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom; may you never lose your aim!


Ulla said...

What a fun photo of you and your mum! What did you tell her? I love your sculpted sparrow!!! and your new necklaces... You have a wonderful way of putting similar themed items from different artists together and then make them all look like they belong together! In regards to your bed, why not paint a tree on the walls??? You certainly have the talent! oh and thanks for the twisted heart link ~ their work is wonderful!

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, I think I told her something along the lines of, "I can barely take care of myself - let alone a baby right now. Go bug Cynthia to have another baby. Azalea needs a baby sister/baby brother."

And thank you for your kind words.

I was thinking about creating a treasure web of sorts. It'd be super steampunk dream-catcher, but we'll see. I thought about making a frame of copper tubing, drilling holes every so often and then taking copper wire and creating a web and then start wire-wrapping various objects in the web. Like old bottles and shiny things.

I also like the idea of a piece of fabric as a wall-hanger to help absorb sound. So maybe I'll make a print (with a floral or tree brach theme) on my gocco and then make sort of a patchwork quilt and hang it behind the bed.

Lots of different options. We'll see.

Jean said...

I am laughing again...this sweet photo of you and your mother affected me again!!! because I remember this super photo, fun yet sort of dramatic and fraught with undercurrents and certain family stuff, the way we all have (for example, nobody thought I should have all the kids we have, and they kept telling me this loudly and repeatedly! It was really a pain! And it hurt me)...and I remember what your mom said from before and what fun that was for me to read -- because I was never in a "PLACE" at my parents' where they totally GOT me. So I admit I kind of relate. My father sort of "got" me better than my mother!!! Phew--somebody did, a little!