Friday, June 13, 2014

The Goods...

Since I got back, I received several requests to see "the goods".  We got loads of stuff for the store.  Check out the Facebook page to see sneak peeks of all the things we brought back.  CLICK HERE to visit the Facebook page.  And make sure to stop by the shop on Saturday, June 21st for the New Product Release Party!  We will unveil all the treasures and you'll be able to see everything in person!

Here are the things that I got for myself:

Three rings from Kia!  (Only two are in the picture.)  I always get a ring from her when I see her.  It's a special treat for myself that I put my pennies away for.  I couldn't decide between the rough ruby, the tourmaline, and the pink sapphire, so I splurged and got them all!  I have a test where I try them on and see what seems to "disappear" on my hand.  Not that it actually vanishes and becomes invisible, but where I try it on and see if it is comfortable enough that it feels natural to wear.  I love a lot of different kinds of rings, but not all of them pass the test.  Sometimes they feel clunky or catch of things.  Kia's rings almost seem like they were made for me.  The picture really doesn't do them justice!  The tourmaline is a greenish black around the edges, red, and then brownish red in the center.  On the top it has an fiery orange glow.  The rough ruby has what looks like flecks of silver in it.  (I tried to figure out why I didn't take a picture of the sapphire ring with the other two and then realized that I was wearing it!)

I got a bunch of unusual stones in different cuts and finishes.  Aren't they juicy?  I love natural stones, particularly ones that have an organic, from-the-earth vibe.  In the picture are rough rubies, color-change dravite tourmaline, serpentine, pyrite, black tourmaline, beryl, and kyanite.  They're not in the picture, but I also picked up some awesome faceted rubies, labradorite, and tigers eye.

I picked up a lot of artisan beads for the shop, but didn't have too much time to shop.  I did manage to get a few!  On the left is a raku skull from MakuStudio, in the center is a ceramic piece from Firefly studio, and to right is from the studio of Diane Hawkey.

I didn't get this ring for myself, but I did get it for William.  He is a fan of Kia's rings also.  I teased him mercilessly, saying that since he didn't go to the show, he didn't get any treats.  I even took pictures of my rings and sent them to him.  When he picked me up at the train station, I presented him with the ring.  It has an emerald and a silver band.  She made it during the same sitting as the faceted ruby ring that I got for myself.

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