Saturday, June 07, 2014

Bead&Button Show Day Three...

I started the day with a brisk walk to the Stone Creek Coffee a few blocks away from the convention center.  I discovered it the day I got to Milwaukee.  (This year I took a train and the coffee shop was located conveniently in between the train station and the convention center.)  The industrial chic space had high ceilings, big tables, and a delectable selection of pastries and coffee offerings.  The line to get into Starbucks snaked out the door and the thought of standing there B.C. (Before Coffee) broke my brain a little.  Instead I opted for a much more leisurely start to the day with an iced coffee and a cheese danish.

Kim Fox of Handfast Design, Wendy and Mackie Mullane of Vintaj, and Barbara Becker Simon.

Jess Italia Lincoln of Vintaj and her mom, Trish Italia of Rustic River Finds.

Suzanne Golden, Patti Bullard of Wubbers, and Adam of PJ Tool.

Cathy Collison of the Trinket Foundry, Debra Saucier of Crystal Clay, and Sunyoung Park of Ezel Findings.

Marcia DeCoster and Heather Trudeau of Peacock Fairy.

After the show, we went to dinner at the Thai restaurant and then went to the Safe House for drinks and dancing.  The Safe House is a spy-themed restaurant/nightclub and there were several bachelor and bachelorette parties going on.  Even though we were pretty tired from working and all the festivities, we had an awesome time!

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