Friday, June 06, 2014

New Work for Bead&Button...

Here's some new work that I made for the Bead&Button Show!  When I say that I worked until the very last possible second, I'm not kidding!  I was pulling things out of the kiln with tongs and heavy gloves!

Here are the new porcelain pendants.  I've been playing around with a more watercolor-esque glaze style.  I think it goes well with the slightly distressed and tumbled look of my pieces.  I brought some old molds out of retirement and used some new ones to create these pieces.

I also made a bunch of cabs.  They don't have holes and are perfect for bead embroidery, setting with epoxy clay, or incorporating into mixed media art.  Of course, the possibilities are endless and they can be used in all sorts of applications.

I made six new designs: a moth, a sugar skull, a koi fish, a honeybee, a flying swallow bird, and an owl.  I used a different carving style to make the molds for these.  The impressions are much more shallow and less heavy-relief style like my normal pieces.  I think they're more reminiscent of my drawings.  With their pastel colors and round, coin-shapes, they sort of remind me of SweetTarts or other candies like that.  I'm super excited that I got them finished for the show!

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