Monday, December 27, 2010


The past few days have been really nice – lots of feasting and family time. Paulo and Babette were entertaining company with their good looks and playfulness. Paulo was particularly fond of Sheila and even jumped up in her lap and gave her a nuzzle and hug. Very cute! I didn't take as many pictures as I had intended. I got caught up cooking and catching up and telling stories.

Now that everyone is gone and the house is quiet, I'm a little blue. Admittedly, there is so much to do before Tucson that there really isn't much time to be sullen.

Also, with the New Year's Eve party right around the corner, there's promise of even more entertaining moments to be had. This year the menu will consist of my spin on traditional lucky foods. I've got lots of delicious dishes planned out. (I'll have to find a deep fryer for one of them. So you know it'll be good!) I'm also building a playlist of appropriate songs for the get together. Any suggestions? I've found a lot of goodies on the new Pink Martini album. Their multi-traditional, non-denominational approach to a holiday record has been really helpful and pairs well with the theme of the menu.

Below is video of them on the Jay Leno show performing "We Three Kings".


moonlitfantaseas said...

Pink Martini are great, I've seen them many times as they are local artists, and I really love them! I'm glad you had such a nice christmas, I do love your cats Paulo reminds me of a couple of my cats.........I hope your new years celibration is lots of fun for you too! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Regina said...

Thank you for the introduction to Pink Martini, different, but good. Happy New Year! Would love to see your menu and the list of lucky foods.

Susan said...

Andrew, try the Puppini Sisters!

Anonymous said...

The kitties look all grown up now. I enjoy when you post pictures of them. I love reading your blog. It is a respite for me and puts a smile to my face.

Andrew, I wish you and yours a happy, healthy new year.
Best to you always,

jamberry_song said...

I hope your holidays were lovely!!