Saturday, February 09, 2008

Day Five...

I'm more than a little bit tired, but having a great time! I was back at the Best Bead Show today. I didn't think I would be back today, but it looks as though I might be finishing out here instead of at the To Bead True Blue show as originally planned. Today has given me the opportunity to visit more with some of my other bead show buddies whom I haven't seen in a long time.

Left: I always love seeing Jodi and Heidi of Lillpilly Designs. It's not just because they've got great work, it's because they've also got an amazingly calm and soothing energy about them. It's almost guaranteed that they are always smiling. It is ever so nice to catch up with them.

Left: Speaking of Lillypilly Designs, here are the new pieces that I picked up from them. Aren't they GREAT? I always enjoy using their merchandise. It is so elegant and delicate-looking. I really can't wait to make some pieces using these goodies.

Left: One of the things that Cynthia and I look forward to every year is getting gazpacho from a place called Delectables here in Tucson. Show days can be long and grueling, but enjoying a cup of this manna from Heaven is refreshing and delicious.

Left: Cynthia bought me a tray of Czech crystal from Lafaye of Beads and Rocks that are full of sparkle and glittering shine. I could hardly choose what colors I was going to get, as there were so many to decide from, but I finally narrowed it down.

Left: Here's a sweet picture that I snapped of Tony and Lisa Blackwell of Zoa Art. Not only are they our neighbors at the Best Bead Show, but they are also sharing our rental house with us. It has really been fun being next to these two love-birds.

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