Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Good Fight...

Oh, will this never end? I hate being sick. It always seems to be so inconvenient. I've been trying hard to fight off this little bug I've got. Every time I think I'm gaining some ground in my recovery, there's another battle in which I must painfully expel great amounts of yellow-green mucus from my nasal passages. All this clearing of blocked sinus passages has given me frightful headaches. It doesn't help much that I haven't got much time to rest. Always working nowadays. But I'm happy for the distraction. It's odd, but when I'm sick and wallowing in bed, it seems to last longer. Though when I have things to do and work that needs to be done, work that can't be delayed by illness... it seems to be much shorter in length. Perhaps it's my imagination... or maybe it's the headache talking.

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