Monday, June 11, 2007

Treasures from Bead & Button 2007...

Here are a couple more pictures of different goodies that I picked up at the show. These are just a highlight of some of the things I got. I'm very excited about sitting down and getting to work!

Left: Okay, so not a bead or a button, but macadamia nuts from Hawaii. Alethia Donathan of DACS Beads brought them over. She makes lampwork beads that have clean-lined images sandblasted and fumed on them. I'll be saving my pennies for one of those. Until then, I'll enjoy the nuts!

Right: Val from Gray Parrot Glass Studio made these delightful "faux boro" lampwork beads. I like them because they look like they have octopus suckers.

Left: PMC bead by Kelly Russell of Beadfuddled. It's titled, "Memories of Bohemia." There's a little amethyst on the back.

Right: Engraved shell pendants from Lillypilly Designs. I love me some Lillypilly!

Left: A colorful little ceramic owl bead from Tika.

Right: Ceramic beads and pendants from Melanie of Earthenwood Studio. I just love the little heads! They're so cute.

Left: I got this large borosilicate pendant crafted by the talented Bobby Rhodes of Family Glass. This piece feels almost magical, like some kind of lotus flower of sublime enlightenment or something. Very cool!

Right: Here are the first couple of pieces done by Bob Burkett in fine pewter. They will be produced by and sold through Green Girl Studios. He was my roommate for the trip. I always marvel at his stories and his talent!


Cindy said...

I'm just not reading blogs right now ;-)...but these are all wonderful!
I can almost feel the energy in the Family Glass pendant coming through your words, the owl is adorable, love the tiny little blue ceramic face especially (and the one above it), Kelly's bead is great, your roommate's work is so detailed!, I could go on...they're all great!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Bob Burkett is the master. He totally rules. You can tell him he has fans all over the world. of course he knows. what grace.

I have some of the same Melanie beads you have!!! we need to talk submitting!!!

ps: why should food be left out? food is great stuff!

melanie brooks said...

Squee! I love seeing the bead stashes and treasures on everyone's blogs! I posted my own stash today on mine, too.

It was great meeting you at the show, and I hope you have fun with my little ceramic goodies.

Anonymous said...

very nice stash! you did good.

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Jean, Yeah... Bob Burkett is great. He's really very talented. We're all really lucky to have him around.

Also, FOOD should never be left out! I just ate a handful of truffles and a small bag of dried mangoes. :-)

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Melanie,

I always like to see what people get at the shows. I think we did pretty well this show. There have been times when we get really shop happy and then end up buying some random junk... and you're like, "Why did I buy this?" when you get home. This time I think I did well.

Thanks again for the ceramic pieces! I'm looking forward to using them. I love the little faces. They're so cute!