Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dinner on the Water...

After finishing up some stuff back at the hotel, we met up with the Fusion girls and Lisa Niven Kelly and Colin of Beaducation at a restaurant in Milwaukee's historic Third Ward called, Water Buffalo. It was right on the Riverfront.

I once read an article about having a successful blog that began with, "Nobody cares what you had for lunch..." I disagree with that. Food for me is just as viable as a form of communication as writing or painting.

Virginia Woolf had a similar sentiment in A Room of One's Own, where she claimed that not enough emphasis was ever given to the details of a fine meal.

Well, here to the left are images of a mighty fine dinner: Ahi Tuna, Braised Short Ribs, and Oven Roasted Chicken. Everything was so tasty! We washed it down with sangria and bottles of Blue Moon (yes, I asked to keep the bottle-caps!)

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