Monday, June 18, 2007

Stringing Summer Issue 2007...

Even though the latest 2007 Summer Issue of Stringing has been out on the stands for a while now, I just got mine. I know... it's been a while and this is probably old news, but I just loved looking through it and couldn't not share my excitement! It's the last issue that the amazing Jamie Hogsett was editor of. Danielle Fox has taken over for the very happy Jamie.

I firmly believe that this is truly one of the more cutting-edge and quality beading publications out there. The editors spend exhaustive hours selecting designs and presenting them beautifully.

Right: This is one of the necklaces I created for the magazine, titled, "Flight Patterns."

This magazine is definitely for designers and is not boring! If one is interested in beading, this is a great tool for inspiration and a must have! Show your support for quality beading magazines, by getting a subscription.

Left: Another necklace by me. This one is called, "The Lotus Eaters." I drew inspiration from ancient Greek myth and literature, particularly The Odyssey.

Right: Another design by me. This one first appeared on my blog earlier in the year. However, it underwent a sex-change, as the original title was, "The Raven King." The inspiration for this piece was a raven outside my window and a character from Susanna Clarke's book, "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell."


Cindy said...

That took awhile. I'm glad you finally got it, I think it's a great issue, and you know I love your designs! I like the way they photographed Flight Patterns, like the bird in the clasp is actually flying and the chain is tracing it's flight pattern.
Can't stop thinking about mashed potatoes, though, for some strange reason ;-).

Andrew Thornton said...

I went to Dumont the other night for dinner. Got the mashed potatoes with the skate. It was pretty good. The fish was wonderful. The roasted tomatoes were delightful and very flavorful. But the mashed potatoes missed something. They were kind of solid and not very creamy. It was kind of like a straight up mashed potato. They had olives on it as well, but I wasn't so thrilled about that combination... but everything else was really good. And they serve old fashioned Coke. You know I ordered two and asked to keep the bottle-caps.

Cindy said...

It's funny how once we have something that is so wonderful, it takes a while before anything else can compare to it again.
Did you drink all that coke? ;-)
I've got 7 bottle caps for you. Four of one kind and three of the other.

Anonymous said...

i love your necklaces. especially "flight patterns"....i love the asymetrical look of the chain and beads right over the bird. stunning piece. congratulations for the nice magazine piece.

and the mashed potato thing was not ok. they need to ax the olives and put in loads of butter and cream....honey....if you come to california i will make you some decent mashed 'tatoes.....

Andrew Thornton said...

Paula, I agree about the butter and cream! I usually favor my sweets over savvory any day. However, mashed potatoes hold a special nostalgic value. One of my best friends from Florida, who I've been friends with for easily over 12 or so years, used to come over everyday after school and we'd make mashed potatoes. They were her favorite. I liked them, but always wanted to make pudding instead. But she usually won out.

So nowadays, I think of her and wonder where she is and what she's doing and hope that she's doing well. A good bite transports me back to those sunny Florida days.