Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning Sale...

spring cleaning sale andrew thorntonToday marks the official launch of a two part sale I'm hosting in my shop! The first wave is called, "SPRING CLEANING SALE". I'm trying to make room in my shop for the second wave. All of the prices in the sale section have been lovingly reduced – many of them going for a fraction of what they were originally acquired for. I want all these lovelies to find good homes out in the world. I've got some really excellent items in the sale section and will continue to add them as space allows. (BigCartel has a limit of 100 items per shop.) The SPRING CLEANING SALE will run until next Monday, April 26th! The second part of the sale will be called, "the Send My Debt Away Sale". I've been working on a unique set of components for the past couple of weeks that I'm really proud of. Once you see the components up for grabs, you'll understand perfectly why it's called "the Send My Debt Away Sale". I'm hoping to pay down some of my looming debt to help fund and facilitate new directions and exciting developments with my work. Starting new projects, especially on the scale that I'm envisioning is very expensive, and I'd like to do it without going too much further into the red.

To show my appreciation, all orders placed during the SPRING CLEANING SALE will receive special gifts and don't forget that all orders placed during the month of April are subject to an additional 5% off. Use the coupon code "cyndi" to claim your additional discount!

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