Friday, April 23, 2010

Self-Portrait Friday...

I'm running out the door. I'm headed to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Bead Society's Bead Bazaar. I didn't have time to paint a self-portrait this week. I've been running around frantically trying to get everything done. I'm always running behind, always rushing to finish one last project. Inevitably and invariably, no matter how much planning or extra work... I always am rushing at the last second. I'm always trying to squeeze in one last thing.

(As indicated by the hair) I took this several years ago. I had posted this picture before, when I first started the blog. I discussed what I call the "Deeper Well". I still feel the same way about it now. Lately I've been feeling in touch with the Deeper Well, but almost like my movements are in slow motion, held back... almost like I've been struggling against the current.

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