Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was talk with my best friend about all the things we would buy if we found trash bags of unclaimed money. Neither of us came from affluent families, so most of our fantasies revolved around quelling what lacked in our lives. I grew up in an old, wood-framed orange grove house, wore "vintage" before vintage was cool, and rode around in vehicles in various states of being rusted out. So naturally, my daydreams involved how many nice homes I would own, how many nice clothes I would wear, and how many nice new Lexus cars I would drive.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have whatever I wanted. But nowadays, my daydreams are more grounded in reality. I don't think my dreams are diminished now, just more informed. For instance, I love my apartment (and dread the thought of moving, especially so soon after having moved in), but one day I'd like to own my own home. I know now that it won't be fancy and will require a lot of work, if it happens at all, but it'd be my very own. Perhaps I was poisoned by too much Gone With the Wind, but the idea of owning land is very appealing and I have hope that one day, (probably many years from now, if at all) it will be a reality.

As far as owning a closet full of fancy clothes, I think I've outgrown that. The work I do is conducive to paint splatters, glue spills, and resin leakage... and the idea of walking around in frock and finery just doesn't make sense to me now. I am more enamored with the joy of making things rather than looking pretty. Of course, in my fantasy world, I would design and have all my clothes handmade just for me. I like the idea of creating my own uniform and supporting other independent artisans through its making.

Instead of a fleet of brand new sports cars and luxury automobiles, I'll settle on one that doesn't have a busted taillight, a cracked windshield, non-functioning gages, and an engine with a penchant for overheating and breaking down. The idea of relaxing when I sit behind the wheel, instead of worrying if I'll make it where I need to go and back is very enticing.

One blog reader wrote and asked what exactly the "new directions and exciting developments" concerning my work were. I don't want to say too much, because I don't want to jinx my opportunities, but I have quite a few things that I'd like to do. One of the big ones is to participate in a new art community that is developing here and having a studio outside of the house. Although the studio is extremely affordable, anything above what I'm paying now is more than what I'd like to and more importantly – can – afford. The only way I'll be able to do this is if I find new ways of supplementing my income, while maintaining my freedom to create. With that being said, I want to have some of my paintings and collages turned into giclee prints and notecards, create some new components (which will require me to get more materials and more tools), and finally launch my own website (which will necessitate certain programs like Photoshop and maybe even a nicer camera). Some of my other big projects include finding time to work on my own books, purchasing a printing press for intaglio etching and maybe even make enough to hire someone to help me tackle all this. I think all of these dreams could be achieved and are not out of reach. It is possible.

Each sale in my shop brings me closer to achieving these dreams. Without the kindness, generosity, and support of my loyal readers, friends, and customers... I wouldn't be able to even consider these things as potentials. But you give me hope. For that, I am eternally grateful! You're not just getting pretty things, you're also enabling me to do what I love best and creating a life blessed by art and learning. Hopefully through my art and words, I am able to repay every kindness. Thanks to you, my dreams are possible.


In the Light of the Moon said...

Hello Andrew,I am a new follower of yours and I just love the way you express yourself.It comes from the heart and nowadays that sadly,isnt always the case.I started blogging with hopes of helping my Ebay page..but like you,my blog buddies have motivated me in a unexpected way s.It's extra rewarding to come across vibrant souls like yourself going after what you love.Your dreams are in reach and I believe they are for the taking.Warmest Regards,Cat

TesoriTrovati said...

Your post is the first one I have read today, Andrew. It is so well written and heart felt. I love that you had big dreams as a child, I think that we all have had them. But the fact that your dreams are grounded in reality and are certainly attainable is such a wonderful thing. Because what is the use of having dreams if you can't enjoy them while you are awake! I love hearing these little snippets of the life of an artist. It gives me hope that maybe there is room and a plan for me out there too. I wish you nothing but success on your climb. And I am a proud supporter of your dream. Enjoy the day! Erin

Margot Potter said...

I am quite sure that whatever you do, it will be wonderful, inspiring and creative. We're all here cheering you on, my friend.


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

I'm still waiting to find those bags full of money too. I'll share them with you when I find them ;)

It seems like our dreams of what we want and what we need definitely change as we grow older. A car that's works and is safe is a must. A house that is older and worn but still sturdy is fine for me. As long as I'm healthy and happy, that's what matters. Besides, things that are older have more character and uniqueness, right?

Good luck on all your future dreams! It sounds like you are one busy guy.

Anonymous said...

Man, you ARE so inspiring. Thank you for this entry. :)

-Natale in Florida

Cindy said...

Andrew, what a genuine and heart warming post. I have no doubt your dreams are truly possible...it's so nice that you shared your hopes and goals for the future with us...you are inspiring.

Alice said...

I feel I can connect with you, as growing up my father felt that having new and shiny things was not important. He paid for everything, including his house and every car we owned, with cash. This meant saving up for something even if it took years. Our clothes were always handed down from cousins or neighbors. Our Chevy Nova was missing a headlight and sported duct tape in it's absence--painted blue to match the car. We gathered rain water for drinking, bathing, and to feed the ducks as well as the trees and garden, and never ever spent with wild abandon such as on a steak dinner. Though I didn't know much beyond our comfortable lifestyle, I still dreamed, as you did.

Now I live in a large house on a 3 acre plot, and find that I can't keep up with the cleaning, the gardening, the repairs and upkeep. I find I am secretly dreaming of again living the simple life in a small cottage after the kids leave.

It's funny that no matter what we have, we are always dreaming of something different. That is not a bad thing--for what would we have if we didn't have dreams?

I can't wait to see what your dreams produce!