Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I had just come up from changing downstairs when my shift finished at work. One of my new favorite regulars, Edna had just stopped by for her usual small soy latte. I don't think she had ever seen me out of uniform before, a uniform which includes a hat.

In any event, I was chatting with her briefly before leaving, when she said, "Oh, you've got spider-webs in your hair." I began to brush the side of my head in the general region in which she indicated and felt no sticky webbing attach to my fingers. Instead, she turned bright red and said, "Oh sorry, I thought something was in your hair." Apparently she thought the wiry white hairs popping out were spider-silk. I think it's the first time someone has noticed them and said something, even though they've been springing up since I was 16.

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Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

my hair is probably grey or white under all this dye.

I have spider webs on my SITE, today! it is because randomandodd.com has a great photo of a black widow on her website. extraordinary. around two posts down!