Sunday, May 27, 2007

Break of Reality...

Earlier this evening, I attended a concert at Galapagos by a great band called Break of Reality. I will sum up my review of their performance in four words: My heart is broken. I say this because it has been a long time since I've been genuinely moved and they certainly are talented musicians who accomplished this task. Were I to have a soundtrack to my life, I would like it to be done primarily by cellos. My favorite song of theirs is the acoustic version of Solid Ground. Very good.

After I went to the concert, I met up with my good friend Jen Tong and her friends Tony and Tabitha from San Francisco. What delightful people! I had such a fun time with them. We started off in the East Village at a place called, Cheap Shots. Then moved down to an off-the-radar lounge called 87 Ludlow, where we met up with the very talented painter Zofia. After that we went dancing at a place called the Darkroom in the Lower East Side and finished up the evening at The Delancey.

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