Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Tori...

Tori Amos has just released her latest album, American Doll Posse. And it's a winner! This new concept album challenges American ideas about feminism, social constructs, and the political landscape of the country. She utilizes five personas based on Greek gods to weave a masterful rollercoaster of ideas and emotions.

I'm also looking forward to Bjork's new album coming out shortly called, Volta and Rufus Wainwright's latest offerring, Release the Stars.


Jean said...

this looks like an awesome album. I note earlier on your blog: "Everything else in my cupboards might have run out, but there will always be a jar of honey. It's one of my favorite sweeteners. I buy mine at the Green Market in Union Square. I once said that when I die, I want to be entombed in honey."

Andrew. you work hard, you are always busy, do you think that once you were a bee?

jean xox

Jean said...

I mean I note, as in I note that YOU said!!!

poodle here.

Andrew Thornton said...

The very first time I played it, I didn't know if I liked it or not. There are some pretty crazy tracks. But after the third time through, I couldn't get enough of it. I think I caught myself humming one of the songs at work.

And I probably was a bee. It would make sense.

Jean said...

yes, I checked all your other items. many are bee like. and you say you were humming? cool!

woof, Jean

more lists, Andrew, they are fun