Saturday, May 19, 2007

Graduation Parties...

After the company party, a group of us braved the rain and went to a dive bar in West Chelsea called Billy Marks West. It was more out of the necessity to use the restroom than to drink more. Part of the crew went back up to the Bronx, the other part to meet up with friends coming in from Long Island, and Josh and I went out to Brooklyn to attend a couple of graduation parties thrown by some of my fellow alumni.

Left: Amber Harris, Elizabeth Castaldo, and me at Elizabeth's apartment in Williamsburg. I haven't seen them since the last day of school. So it was good to catch up with them.

Right: Elizabeth is holding a Polaroid that Josh took of the three of us. All of us were fixated with the Polaroid. She's got an amazing wall that is covered with them.

Left: A picture of Elizabeth and Amber holding a Polaroid of the three of us. As soon as we all get settled into our routines, we're going to start working on a collaborative book project together.

Right: A snap shot of me and Melinda Mantooth. Melinda was throwing a separate graduation party over at the McKibbin Lofts in East Williamsburg. She's going on a trip to Israel in a few days.

Left: Josh, Shalimar, and Laz. Melinda fell asleep and I had to be up at work early the next morning. So we all made our exits. It was a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

this is great... why are we all holding the poloroid.. hehehe. it was a fun night!

Andrew Thornton said...

It was tons of fun! I don't really know why. But we were all fascinated by it. Can't wait to do it again. What do you want to make a book about? I was thinking maybe we could either illustrate a story together or take something of the same theme and make stuff for it... or... perhaps something else. Something neat.