Sunday, May 13, 2007

In The Spotlight Meme...

Jean Yates tagged me for this Meme. I'm not exactly sure what a "meme" is, but I will post my answers. If you too are wondering what a "meme" is, CLICK HERE for the Wikipedia definition.

Are You a Spiritual Person?
I would certainly like to think that I am. Though more often than not, I feel like I'm in some kind of survival mode nowadays. Sheila says that my chakras have built up "spiritual scar-tissue" and that it makes energy flow less freely. I could agree with that. I don't feel the ease in connecting with the "Spirit" as I did before.

What Makes Your Blog Unique?
Everyone is different. Each person has a treasure trove of experiences and thoughts wholly individual to themselves. What makes my blog unique is that it is made by me. It gives a perspective which comes from my personal vantage-point.

What Are Your Feelings on the “Blog Popularity” Issue?
Two questions should be tagged on to this one. "Why do you blog?" And, "what does popularity mean to you?" For a business, a blog might be a great way for a company to create a more human and personal interface with its customers. For an individual, it might be a way to creatively express thoughts and emotions that aren't normally indulged upon. What is evident in each scenario though is that there is connection happening. Whether it is with a mass of people or with one's self. What I strive to do with my blog is create community. With my ideas and ways of seeing things, I seek to reach out to others and build a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding. I think sharing ideas and creating a forum for expression is ideal. The more individuals seeking to make connections, the better. So if my blog is a source for community, then GREAT!

When Did You Start Blogging?
I've had an online journal (in various incarnations) for nearly a decade now. However, whereas previously I wrote exclusively for myself as a way of venting and as a tool for discovering who I was as a person, my blog is a more recent affirmation of a fundamental understanding of who I have become. When I felt solidly comfortable with myself, I wanted to take the next step and create community. I wanted to share the way I saw things and learn how other people felt about different situations and ideas. I started my blog last summer after my sister Cynthia started her's and it has helped facilitate communication between us with much success.

Which Three People Will You Tag?
I tag Cynthia Thornton, Tony and Lisa of Zoa Art, and Amy Wilson.


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

really good and fascinating. I am so glad you were willing to participate, eventhough you have been so busy!

Andrew Thornton said...

Things are settling down a bit now. So I anticipate blogging like crazy soon. :-)