Wednesday, May 02, 2007

10 (favorite) Staples...

Here is a list of ten things that you will undoubtedly find in my home no matter where I'm living. I wouldn't go so far as saying that I couldn't live without these things, but I don't know if I'd want to go on without them. They are pretty essential to my day to day activities.

As a collage artist, I go through so much glue. I don't even buy the small bottles anymore. I get it by the gallon size now. Forget the fancy glues, Elmer's works the best. It is so versatile. You can create a crackle effect with spray paint or make a faux-porcelain finish surface other things.

I grew up in Florida and we always had a pitcher of sweet tea. Here in New York, most iced tea is unsweetened. So in my house, there is always a pitcher on-hand of the sweet stuff. One of my favorites is sweet mint tea. (I'm actually having a glass right now.)

Everything else in my cupboards might have run out, but there will always be a jar of honey. It's one of my favorite sweeteners. I buy mine at the Green Market in Union Square. I once said that when I die, I want to be entombed in honey.

I'm a fan of candles in general, (the light they cast is great), but beeswax candles in particular are my favorite. The warm, rich aroma they give off when burnt is truly divine. I used to keep a piece of beeswax in my backpack just to smell!

When I saw the infomercials, I was skeptical, but this stuff really works. I have really bad acne and it is one of the only things that has been able to help. It keeps me looking fresh and dewy.

Nag Champa is another of my favorite scents. I'm instantly calmed when I get a whiff. I don't even have to burn it to enjoy the sweet tranquil smell. I keep a box of it in my book-bag, my locker, my studio, and my apartment.

When we were kids, every meal included a bowl of rice. Even if you had eggs and bacon, there was always rice on the side. My mother is from the Philippines and it is literally a subsistence staple there. So, along with the honey, you'll find a bag of rice.

I was not introduced to freshly shaved Parmesan cheese until later in life. When we were growing up, I only had the pre-ground stuff in a jar. But I have since discovered that it can rescue and turn almost any savory dish around.

I love chocolate. All kinds. From dark, to white. I am hooked on chocolate. Few things in life make me happy like chocolate does. You won't find this in my cupboards, because it is usually squirreled away and hidden for secret consumption.

Wine, especially red wine, is just one of those things that I always have on-hand. I'm no expert, but I enjoy it quite a bit. Perhaps it's because it lends itself to conversation. I even keep a case of wine in my studio, just for this purpose.

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