Thursday, May 10, 2007


Today was my graduation from the School of Visual Arts. It was held at Radio City Music Hall. It was really sad to say goodbye to college, but I'm really excited about my next adventures.

Right: Cynthia, Azalea, me, and Sheila in front of Radio City Music Hall. You can see the marquee with the graduation announcement.

Having my family here in New York has been really great, especially Baby One. She really is the light of my life. She's full of tons of energy and is always wanting to walk around and see things... just like me.
Left: The beautiful Azalea poses with me in front of Radio City Music Hall.

It's strange to look back over my college career and shuffle through the memories.

Right: Another picture of Cynthia, Azalea, me and Sheila all dressed up.

I won't be able to forget all the amazing friends I've made at SVA.

Left: Here we are again in front of the Golden Doors inside Radio City Music Hall.

Right: During the motivational speaker, I snuck up to the balcony. I can't stay awake for the life of me during lectures with the lights are down.

Left: This is me, Andrew Thornton. We needed an iconic picture of me in front of the big mural to send out to all the relatives. I think this one will do nicely for that purpose.


Sunrise TheSea said...

Beautiful!! Your family and you graduating. I'm so proud of you. I like the one pic wherein Azalea looks like she's making a gang sign with her tiny fingers, hehe. Me, if I want a BA I can have it by Dec. 2007 but a BS might take me until June 2008... I'm torn.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Andrew, Andrew, these pictures rule!!! Congratulations! Prou to know you, here!

Anonymous said...

hi's so good to see you... your sisters and baby one had to be good times...

Andrew Thornton said...

It was a lot of fun being together! I should print up a couple of those pictures and send them to my parents. I know they've been eager for new pictures.