Friday, May 11, 2007

Family Time...

Our day began with Mexican food for breakfast at a neighborhood favorite, New Mexico Place. The tortas and orchata were excellent!

Left: Azalea was being shy while Sheila cooed over her.

As we made our way into the bowels of the subway system, we ran into my former roommate, Kate. It was nice catching up with her. I haven't seen her in a while.

We took the subway to SoHo and went window-shopping. We tried to find Kremer Pigment without any luck. Though we did stumble upon some really cool places, like Rice to Riches.

Left: This is a picture of Sheila at Rice to Riches. I had forgotten how much fun we used to have living together and going on our mini-adventures.

Rice to Riches is one of my favorite places for dessert. It's yummy! We shared four different flavours: Coast to Coast Cheesecake, Perfectly Legal Pecan Pie, Take Me To Tiramisu, and Coconut Coma. All very filling and tasty.

Right: Baby One about to take a bite of rice pudding between Sheila and Cynthia.

Across the street from Rice to Riches is a playground. Azalea had been so patient all day, that we stopped for her to run around and stretch her legs. She's fast! Both Sheila and I were nervous and kept running after her, trying to catch her when she was about to fall. Very stressful.

Left: Baby One helping Sheila up on the playground fortress.

When we had finished up playing, we went to Pearl Art Supply on Canal Street. Then we explored Chinatown and looked at all the mutated cherries. Later we made our way back up to the Lower East Side and dropped by Il Laboratorio De Gelato for a cool treat.

That baby sure does like ice cream! She liked it so much that she decided to lick the bowl clean. All of us ended up at a Starbucks. We took a break there and rested for a bit, while we drew pictures. Greg was making story-board images for his movie idea, Cynthia was designing beads, Sheila was making an abstract pattern, Azalea was writing and drawing (very Cy Twombly) and I was doing a portrait mixed with an abstract pattern.

When we had fully recovered, we set out for dinner back in Brooklyn. We went to Moto, one of my new favorite restaurants.

Right: Cynthia looking over the menu full of delicious and inexpensive dishes.

I was really glad that we were able to go to Moto for dinner. Cynthia had made a comment on how she had wanted to stop by after I posted about the manchego and pear platter.

Left: Greg and Cynthia, relaxing to jazz and waiting for our orders.

Baby One had a great time at Moto. She was dancing up a storm next to Sheila and I. It was really cute. That baby drops it like it's hot! Azalea was also making "sweet eyes" at one of the fellow patrons.

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